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With gender parity being still over two centuries away, 217 years to be exact, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Gender Report, there has never been a more critical time to get inspired and motivated to be bold.

Leadership and team workshops

You must first be inclusive to achieve diversity. When women and their allies share their stories, it is empowering.  Shared stories are a catalyst to building community, improving team interaction, and to realize that others share your feelings and experiences. You are not the only one.

The Be Bold workshop delivers a process where participants discover their personal bold actions and learn how to build on those to realize new opportunities within a team or organization.  Participants will practice working together in an inclusive and diverse environment to enable everyone to unleash their limitless potential.  We help individuals, teams, and organizations to find their superpowers, passion, and to take immediate action to Be Bold Now.

Bold Events

The Be Bold event is uplifting and illuminating, providing real-time insight and data on gender parity across four core pillars, including education, health/longevity, economic participation/ wage parity,  and political representation. The program features influential speakers, who share a philosophy to inspire, empower, and support each other to take bold pragmatic action to accelerate equality. You will hear how together we, women and our allies, can help embolden and motivate one another to take action to drive change.

What our customers say

“I LOVED this session. I left feeling extremely inspired, and I know others did too.”


“I thought it was awesome. I loved all the speeches we saw”

“During your session, you helped up us reflect on the Bold moments in our journey and how we will impact the future!”


Apptio Women’s Leadership Group

“ We walked away from our Be Bold Now workshop inspired, more knowledgeable and motivated to recognize and share Bold stories.”


Coach Heather

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