Forbes has published an interesting article about countries with female leaders and their coronavirus responses. It describes how female leaders of seven nations – all successfully battling the virus – have led in four key ways:

Truth – They are calm, straightforward, and direct with information and plans.

Decisiveness – They have implemented strong measures, rules and policies – early, firmly and quickly.

Technology  – They’ve leveraged efficient testing into comprehensive tracking and used social media to expand the reach of information.

Love – They’ve targeted kids, taking their questions, and showing empathy and compassion to all their citizens.

In short, women are leading successfully with empathy, competence and action.  

Female governors, mayors and other political leaders throughout the US have been at the forefront of important, key coronavirus decision- making. The first confirmed case in the US was in Washington state.  And, Washington was the first state to be faced with a rapid spread, hospitalizations and death from the virus. The state was forced to shape a quick response. Soon cities and states around the US were looking to Washington, and Seattle specifically, for an example – and they were looking to Mayor Jenny Durkan for advice. In a 3/31/20 CNN interview the mayor stressed that as a nation we really needed a coordinated plan, and warned other states to “do what’s hard and take the steps now to buffer your community, but also the nation.”  In a 3/16/20 Bloomberg – Harvard City Leaders Initiative interview, Mayor Durkan warned “you can’t act quickly enough… you will have to make decisions at a pace that is faster than a government is used to traveling.”  She  said that “there are no good choices, but there are good decisions”, and she “…would so much rather , at the end of the day, be criticized for doing too much than letting it grow out of control.” Mayor Durkan’s response was straightforward and direct (Truth), quick and decisive (Decisiveness), caring and compassionate (Love) and all channels were leveraged to get the word and support out (Tech). She was on the frontlines early, and decisive leadership helped slow the rate of hospitalizations and death. Be sure to read the full interview to see Mayor Durkan’s leadership in action, and how through her thoughtfulness and innovation, she led using Truth, Decisiveness, Tech and Love.