IWD 2020 – Digital Edition

Be inspired, watch bold women sharing their stories on International Women’s Day

It’s hard to believe that we gathered only two weeks ago, to celebrate bold women and International Women’s Day. Only a week later, this city, this country, and the world were already in a different place. Women are doing amazing things in the midst of this crisis every day – from the frontlines of health care to staffing our other lifelines – grocery stores and pharmacies. Women are leading as first responders, healthcare providers, researchers, lawmakers, governors and mayors, teachers, caretakers, and community leaders. Yet, we are reminded that according to the World Economic Forum Report on the Gender Gap, estimates say that it will take 257 years to achieve economic parity for women. In spite of this, we must have hope and Be Bold… Now.

It’s a scary time, and we all have a lot on our minds and a lot to do. But, when you have a moment, we’re here to circle back for the second half of Women’s History Month, and offer you a chance to think about bold women and gender parity. We need to take care of ourselves, and our neighbors. But, we also have to relax and take our mind off things with solo walks, runs, art, reading and some good content to watch or listen to. Perhaps you’ve watched or listened to every show or podcast you’ve ever had on your list, and you could use something fresh. As you think about what you might want to watch tonight – if you are getting a break – and you could use two hours of inspiration to take your mind off things – we’re here. Our annual International Women’s Day celebration ran in early March just before things shut down. If you did not come to the show, there is still a way to see it and celebrate Women’s History Month with two hours of inspiring women’s stories.

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If you already purchased tickets for the March 5th show, shortly after the event, you should have received a password to access the recording. If you did not, please let us know and we will send it to you right away. If you did not purchase tickets for the event, but could use 2 hours of inspiration, here’s how to get access.

Please stay healthy, stay strong and be bold! We’re in this together even though we’re all staying apart.