Ordinary women doing bold things


By Mwati Mwila My name is Mwati Mwila, I am a mentor, author, poet and mental illness advocate. I am just an ordinary girl who

Owner & Founder

By Paulette Zimmerman In November 2019, my family opened 1Rider Cycle Studio in Issaquah. We’re the only boutique cycle studio in the surrounding area (covering

How to live a richer life

By Tama Smith Tama is the Head of Women Living a Richer Life at Brighton Jones, in Seattle, WA. Her story is poignantly beautiful. She

My bold story

By Myra Jolivet   I didn’t know the term visualization at age 8, but I was using it. I was a friendly, chubby girl with eczema-scaled

1 in 3

By Ashley Mohoric I’m an active person. I grew up playing soccer, fastpitch, volleyball and everything in between. Friends jokingly call me a farm girl. We’ve

Challenges are our greatest teachers

By Lisa Thompson Challenges are our greatest teachers … if we’re paying attention.  In 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, shocking news for every

Be Prepared to BE BOLD

By Kristi Haynes The past 13 years I have been working with school districts to remove barriers to learning and providing professional development for staff.

Unapologetically Scared

By Kimberly Fasbender Around a year ago I made the decision, at 32 years old, to become a Software Engineer. At the time I was

Switch My Thinking

By Sam Willing I have had a bad habit of putting myself into self-limiting boxes which has limited my earning potential. I am not a

BOLD Heart

By Kathy Schmidt I always thought of myself as a confident and competent woman, but it wasn’t until I was faced with death did I

40 minutes in Mumbai

by Kate Isler I am a runner. Running is a release, a way to clear my mind and have some amazing experiences. When one imagines


By Jolyn GC My name is Jolyn GC and I am a modern and contemporary portrait artist, curator, and co-founder of a Seattle arts-based tech


by Lauren Fergusen I believe we’re born bold. It’s within all of us. However, whether out of fear or judgment, our own beautiful boldness often