The history of feminism is black and white

Despite Black women playing an active role in fighting for universal suffrage, it was Black men and white women who usually led the civil rights organizations and set the agenda. In many cases, Black women were excluded from attending the meetings and had to march separately in suffrage parades. The first wave of feminism in the United […]

Women on The Frontlines: Stories Behind Essential Workers – Yolanda

As this global pandemic roars on – and really, from the get go – we’ve had a chance to see what – and who – is essential for our communities. Most folks working in your neighborhood grocery store did not sign up to be on the frontlines of this crisis. Yet they are not only […]

What do Countries with the Best Coronavirus Responses Have in Common? Women Leaders.

Forbes has published an interesting article about countries with female leaders and their coronavirus responses. It describes how female leaders of seven nations – all successfully battling the virus – have led in four key ways: Truth – They are calm, straightforward, and direct with information and plans. Decisiveness – They have implemented strong measures, […]

Is twelve hours of video calls a day the way to get the job done?

Over the past month, as over two-thirds of the country has been sent home to work, corporate cultures are being revealed in a not so flattering way. I spent many years, feels like 200, working at a leading technology company. Every day was frantic, running from meeting to meeting with barely enough time to eat, […]

What if….

Gender equality is not a women’s issue; it is a societal and economic imperative.

The genie is out of the cubicle…..

Over the past few weeks, all over the US, “working from home” has gone from a euphemism for “I have other things to do and will try and get some work done”, to an imperative for office workers. As a result, generational work cultures are being revealed for all to see. As millennials take over, […]

The celebration must go on!

  This is a trying time for many of us. The nation is ideologically divided, politics are heating up, and it is hard to tell which information outlet to trust. We need a reason to celebrate, and International Women’s Day gives us that. International Women’s Day (IWD) is my favorite holiday. It provides space and […]