Switch My Thinking

Switch My Thinking BY SAM WILLING I have had a bad habit of putting myself into self-limiting boxes which has limited my earning potential. I am not a timid person but when it comes to money- I tend to shy away from asking for anything for fear of creating discomfort. ; A couple of years […]

BOLD Heart

Bold Heart BY Kathy Schmidt I always thought of myself as a confident and competent woman, but it wasn’t until I was faced with death did I realize how BOLD I really was, and needed to be, to stay alive. I was in my mid-20’s, a healthy recent college graduate enjoying the fun of living […]

40 minutes in Mumbai

40 Minutes In Mumbai BY KATE ISLER I am a runner. Running is a release, a way to clear my mind and have some amazing experiences. When one imagines a runner, generally they think of very fit people: thin, sleek and graceful. This is not me! I have been running consistently several times a week […]


The Year Of Bold Requests BY Jolyn GC My name is Jolyn GC and I am a modern and contemporary portrait artist, curator, and co-founder of a Seattle arts-based tech startup, Entarupt, Inc., who utilizes my gaze as a contemporary Black woman to integrate mixed media and technology highlighting and transforming the Black experience. Last […]


Born Bold BY Lauren Fergusen I believe we’re born bold. It’s within all of us. However, whether out of fear or judgment, our own beautiful boldness often remains undiscovered. This is the story of how I discovered my boldness, and the fire it stoked within me to lead me to where I am today and […]