Louie Tan Vital

Louie Tan Vital is a Filipina American poet, community organizer, and graduate of the Masters of Public Administration program at the UW Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. She has dedicated her life to fighting for racially equitable public policy and harnessing performance arts as a means for political activism. Louie has recently worked for the Washington State House of Representatives and the 115th Congress in the United States House of Representatives.

After a post on social media about her experience as a young woman of color working in Congress accidentally went viral, Louie performed all over Washington DC and gave numerous newspaper and radio interviews. This culminated in Louie declaring her intent to run for office on a global news network through the spoken word.

In addition to poetry, Louie gives workshops, lectures, and speeches on race in public policy, culturally-competent civic engagement, diasporic narratives, and combating anti-blackness racism in the Asian Pacific Islander community. Louie also served as a Seattle Fellow for IGNITE, the largest non-partisan 501c3 that builds political ambition in young women to ultimately run for office, where she grew IGNITE’s college programming across the region.

As a vocal sexual assault survivor, Louie is fiercely dedicated to embracing fear and vulnerability: she recently completed a solo backpacking trip to Morocco to reclaim her body and autonomy. She danced and cried with strangers in the middle of a Saharan desert sunset and marveled at the strength that had delivered her to wind-whipped sand dunes half-way across the world. Ultimately, Louie seeks to uplift all marginalized communities through political advocacy and elected office while remaining true to herself, her community, and her ancestors.