Nikki Gane-Butler

Nikki Gane-Butler

As the Founder and Director of Dignity for Divas, Nikki Gane-Butler is committed to creating an impactful and replicable approach to supporting women as they transition out of homelessness. Her focus on self-care as a way to restore self-worth was inspired by her own experience fleeing an abusive marriage and becoming homeless herself. She knows first-hand how easy it is to lose your dignity when you lose your ability to meet your personal hygiene needs. It took time to pick herself back up, but with the help of friends and hard work she moved to Seattle, reconnected with family there and found a job as a loan underwriter.

Still recovering from the trauma of being homeless, Nikki decided to take action and help women experiencing setbacks similar to hers. Remembering the discomfort and embarrassment of not being able to manage her personal and feminine hygiene, Nikki decided self-care would be the starting point from which to grow her own organization. Six years later, running and growing Dignity for Divas has become her full-time job. Under her guidance, Dignity for Divas has demonstrated how self-care can lead to renewed confidence, goal setting, housing, employment and stability. It is time to discover your purpose and WIN the life that God has for you! We ALL have a purpose and a reason for our why! Why you experienced the pain, loss and life-changing event. It’s time to tell yourself the TRUTH!

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