How to live a richer life

By Tama Smith Tama is the Head of Women Living a Richer Life at Brighton Jones, in Seattle, WA. Her story is poignantly beautiful. She started out a highly driven undergrad at Berkeley, launched her own company serving as its CEO, and as the business model started to reveal significant cracks, Tama received that dreaded […]

My bold story

By Myra Jolivet   I didn’t know the term visualization at age 8, but I was using it. I was a friendly, chubby girl with eczema-scaled skin that had short periods of relief. My mom had to wrap my arms, legs and neck mummy-style each night to hold the medicine in and my fingernails out. The […]

Unapologetically Scared

By Kimberly Fasbender Around a year ago I made the decision, at 32 years old, to become a Software Engineer. At the time I was working as an Administration Manager in Texas. I wasn’t satisfied with the work I was doing, didn’t feel challenged, and quite frankly I was bored. I felt like I wasn’t […]


By Jolyn GC My name is Jolyn GC and I am a modern and contemporary portrait artist, curator, and co-founder of a Seattle arts-based tech startup, Entarupt, Inc., who utilizes my gaze as a contemporary Black woman to integrate mixed media and technology highlighting and transforming the Black experience. Last year I made a conscious […]